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Welcome to KaceyRohl.org -- also known as Kacey Rohl Online; a fansite for the extremely talented Kacey Rohl. You may know her from films like "Taken Back: Finding Haley", "Flicka: Country Pride", "Sisters & Brothers", "Red Riding Hood", and more. She has a wide variety of television series, including the "Fringe", "Clue", "Supernatural", "The Killing", "Played", "Cracked", as well as the 2013 series "Hannibal" as Abigail Hobbs. Check back for all the latest news, photos and more. If you are looking for our rss feed, you can find it here.

Instagram Additions

I have added additional images from Kacey’s instagram as well as her twitter. You can follow her at the following links: Instagram/Twitter.

Nov 18, 2014

2014 Vancouver International Film Festival

Kacey tweeted a photo of herself and Adam DiMarco attending the 2014 Vancouver International Film Festival earlier today, you can view the tweet below as well as the image in our photo archive.

Oct 16, 2014

Gallery Additions

I have added a variety of images to our photo archive. Including Production stills, screen captures, posters as well as caught up on Kacey’s instagram images. There are over 1,000+ images in total that have been recently added. You can view the thumbnails by clicking on the previews below.

The project categories include The Killing(production stills, captures), Flicka: Country Pride (production stills, posters, interview captures), Sunflower Hour (posters/artwork, production stills, behind the scenes, trailer captures), R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour (1.16: Wrong Number screen captures), Red Riding Hood (HD captures, production stills), Ghost Storm (screen captures), Working the Engels (featurette captures and interview captures) and Bond of Silence (screen captures). Other images include the 2012 Vancouver International Film Festival, interview screen captures, project limelight screen captures and instagram images.

Sep 24, 2014

New Themes + Working The Engels Episode Stills

I have added two brand new themes to the site and gallery, thanks to Carol for the bases. I have also added additional stills to the Working the Engels category in our photo archive. Thank you to farfarawaysite.com for most of those.

Aug 20, 2014

Working the Engels – First Day on the Job (Sneak Peek)

Tomorrow at 9:30/8:30c on NBC (America), it’s the Engel family’s first day on the job!

Jul 17, 2014

Working The Engels: Promotional Shoot and Episode Stills

I have added episode stills from the pilot episode as well as episode stills for the next episode of Working The Engels airing on NBC on Thursdays at 9:30/8:30c. Additional promotional images have been added as well. Don’t forget to tune in every Thursday and follow the official NBC Twitter as well as the official Global TV twitter for the series. Also, we added 720p captures of the episode back when it aired on Global TV, you can view them in our photo archive here.

Jul 11, 2014

Working The Engels – NBC – Kacey Rohl Interview

Remember to tune in Thursday, July 10th AT 9:30/8:30C on NBC for the season premiere.

Jul 5, 2014

Working the Engels to premiere on NBC in July

Working the Engels has been added to the NBC official site with the premiere date set to July 10th. Be sure to mark your calendars for the premiere! View the official NBC site here.

Jun 5, 2014

Working The Engels: 1.12 Family Therapy Screen Captures

I have added screen captures from the twelfth episode of Working the Engels to our photo archive. If you missed the episode or want to re-watch it, you can watch it here.

Jun 5, 2014

Hannibal: 2.13: Mizumono – Screen Captures, behind the scenes

I have added screen captures from the thirteenth episode of Hannibal as well as behind the scenes photos from the episode and one from season one. Big thank you to the accounts that tweeted the images [@NBCHannibal, @lorettaramos, @BryanFuller, @neoprod, @David_A_Slade and @DeLaurentiisCo] during the live-tweeting event.

May 24, 2014
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